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The Field of All Possibilities
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The Field of All Possibilities
Universal Wisdom

Out beyond the limits of our linear thinking, out beyond the world defined by our five physical senses, stretches the field of endless possibilities, the source of limitless love, light, energy, wisdom, and power, supreme consciousness, the mind of God.

The ancient cultures spoke of the infinite power of infinite mind, the Mother of all, the Source of All, the Web woven by Grandmother Spider, the silver net, the golden net that connects all. The space between what is and what seems to be.

The void, that rather than being empty, is filled with a subtle energy. The ancients described that energy in poetic prose. The keepers of the word taught the people about that energy in oral stories connecting the power of humankind to that of the earth, and of God.

Within this field of infinite possibilities … this field of supreme consciousness … everything begins. As we raise our own frequency of vibration, our level of consciousness increases, so that we are able to access this field of pure energy … pure wisdom … pure love.

It matters not what words we use to describe this pure subtle energy … whether we use scientific terms, poetic analogies, or religious words. It is more important that we acknowledge and respect the different expressions while learning how to better access this field of infinite possibilities, or the Mind of God.

The stories repeated through the ages by the indigenous peoples have taught the power and wisdom of the Source of All. They have taught the need to honor that connection to the Source and the Earth. They have taught the power we have to tap into the field of infinite possibilities to co-create our own reality.

Although the great religions of our world differ in many respects, they all resonate with the truth of a power greater than the power of humankind. They all teach the power of God as the Source of All.

Since the 1930’s and 1940’s quantum physics has emerged to lead the way in better defining the matrix … the breeding ground … the source … the mother … of all of life. Max Planck, the father of quantum physics postulated back in 1944 that this field is the source of everything from the DNA in the trillions of cells in our physical bodies to the stars that illuminate our skies at night.

Edgar Mitchell, the former Apollo astronaut, calls this field “Nature’s Mind”. Michio Kaku, the physicists who expressed the “superstring theory” describes this field as the “Quantum Hologram.”

Before, during, and after the time of Jesus Christ, the Essenes were the Hebrew equivalent of the Hopi Indians as the keepers of the word. They called the energies the Angels, and referred to the Source of All.

This field of infinite possibilities, this infinite mind, this matrix, this God Force is present in each and every one of us. This power, this energy, this God Force lies within us, between us, and beyond us. This is the subtle energy that science measures to prove its existence. This is the God Force that religion teaches us to connect to in faith. The space between is filled with this subtle, but measurable energy.

As we raise our frequency of vibration, we are better able to access the God Force, the Mind of God, or the Supreme Matrix. With our positive thoughts, feelings, and prayers we can influence the world around us posiitively.

Jesus Christ taught his disciples that they had to “speak” to the universe in a meaningful manner with emotion and gratitude. Then feeling the power of healing and the harmony of peace, they could serve as conduits of the healing power of God.

Mahatma Gandhi taught simply, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

And so it is.

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