The Power of Thoughts, Words, Actions
The Field of All Possibilities

Co-Create Your Own Reality:

The Power of Thoughts, Words, Actions
The Power of Attraction

In this culture that promotes the paradigm of victimization, many people feel powerless. Look at the news that focuses so much attention on negativity and fear producing perspectives. Look at the advertisements that play upon fear to sell more products. We are inundated by information that encourages us to look outside ourselves for solutions to every day challenges.

Let us remember that we are not powerless victims. We do have power within. It is our heritage. We have the power of choice. We choose our attitude, our attitude colors our perspective, and our perspective helps create our reality. We make thousands of choices every day. Some of those choices are deliberate. Most are simply directed by the attitude that we have chosen or not mindfully chosen.

Two people who share the same experience may have a completely different reality if one looks for the positive, and the other looks for the negative in that experience.

We are energetic beings. Similarly our thoughts, words, and actions are energetic expressions. Our thoughts are powerful expressions of energy. Our thoughts and the thoughts of others affect us and other life forms.

Dr.Cleve Backster conducted his famous experiments using plants and simple animals like shrimp. Backster showed scientifically that the house plants in his laboratory were influenced by the thoughts of people. When Backster thought about cutting or killing a plant, that plant plus all the other plants in the room reacted with fear. He recorded and measured this reaction of the power of thoughts with the equivalent of a lie detector.

Daily the scientist left the room to go to lunch. After eating, when he just thought about returning to the laboratory, the equipment recorded a spike in the fear of the plants at the same time. Thoughts projected by Backster were instantly communicated to his plants even though they were miles apart.

Later in 1995, based on the effects of human intention on plants, Backster was asked to design an experiment for the U.S. Army to conduct on human DNA. These experiments showed that DNA taken from the donor’s mouth and nurtured in a Petri plate in the next room exhibited the same reactions to emotions stimulated in the subject’s body a few hundred feet away. Again the result was instantaneous.

After the Army stopped their experiments, Dr. Backster continued to increase the distance between the donor and his DNA in the Petri dish. Even when 350 miles apart, the separated DNA and the DNA in the donor reacted the same way instantly as measured by an atomic clock in Colorado. The energy of the thoughts, and the emotions, or feelings transmitted instantaneously.

Remember that every living creature, including humankind, is an energetic being, as is the Universal Field, Consciousness, The Source of All, the Divine Matrix, or God. We are all one … all part of that cosmic sea of possibilities waiting to be brought into reality. There is no true separation at the level of the subtle energy now measurable by modern scientific technology. There is no true separation according to the ancient philosophy of the ages.

With the progress of modern technology, the quantum physicists have become philosophers, metaphysics has become physics, new translations of the original, ancient religious teachings are resonating with the revelations of modern physics (quantum and string theory), while offering even greater comfort and power to the individual.

Our thoughts are powerful energy forces that we project into this soup of possibilities. Since, like energy attracts like energy, a positive thought attracts positive energies. Similarly, a negative thought attracts negative energies.

Sound is another form of energy. That sound can manifest in many ways. Sounds can be harmonious or discordant, healing or destructive, pleasant or unpleasant.

As we add the vibration of sound to the energy of thought, our spoken words become more powerful than our thoughts. Then as we move forward with our actions, we add even more energy.

So our thoughts, words, and actions are ever increasing forms of energy and power. As we focus our intention on choosing mindfully our thoughts, words, and actions, we become powerful co-creators of our reality. Choosing positive thoughts, words, and actions, we attract more of the same.

Thoughts, words, and actions of unconditional love, gratitude, acknowledgement, and respect attract more of the same into our lives. What we give then is what we receive as we mindfully co-create this life experience. With our chosen brush of intention, as we paint our chosen heaven, or our chosen hell, the vivid colors come into view on this our tapestry of life.

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