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Under normal circumstances the etheric body interfaces with the physical body. This etheric body is a holographic energy template of the physical body. Within this etheric energy body or map is the master information or guide for the cellular growth of the physical structure of the physical body.

Total information on the growth of the fetus plus the growth and repair of the adult human lies within this etheric body. The interface between the etheric body and the physical body is provided by channels of energy exchange that allow the flow of energetic information to move system to system.

The ancient Chinese acupuncture meridian system has been studied in the West now to better understand this interface. These acupuncture points on the human body are points on an unseen meridian that runs deep within the tissues and organs throughout the physical body.

Through these meridians flows the life force or chi � an invisible nutritious energy. From outside the physical body, this chi (also known as qi, ki, or prana) enters the acupuncture points and flows deep within the physical body to provide life giving energy of a subtle nature. There are twelve pairs of meridians that are connected to specific organ systems deep within the physical body.

It is essential that the flow of this subtle energy be free and of full force. When this energy is blocked imbalanced, or diminished dysfunction within the organ systems innervated will result.

Thus, balance and harmony on the etheric level result in balance, harmony, and optimal health on the physical level. Imbalance and dis-harmony on the etheric level results in various states of dis-ease on the physical.

The West accepts the use of acupuncture treatment for pain more easily than it does the basic concepts of the subtle energy of the life force interface. The work of many researchers illustrates this concept. See the work of Bong Han Kim, Pierre de Vernejoul, Dr. Harold Burr, Dr. Shafica Karagulla, and Dumitrescu among others.

Similarly, the ancient works of the Indian yogis describe the chakra energy system of the subtle body. These chakras like the acupuncture meridians can now be measured and validated by using the latest subtle-energy technologies in Western laboratories.

There are at least seven and some say twelve major chakras (wheels in the Sanskrit language) in the physical body. There are many minor chakras totaling about 360 major and minor.

These energy centers or chakras serve as transformers. They accept energy of a higher frequency and reduce it to a lower frequency, which is then transformed into hormonal, physiological, and cellular changes within the body.

These chakras are connected to each other and to parts of the physical cellular structure by the nadis or fine channels of subtle energy. Within the subtle anatomy of the human body there are up to 72,000 nadis, or etheric channels of energy. These nadis are also interwoven with the physical nervous system.

Dysfunction of the chakras, therefore, translates into dysfunction of the nature and quality of nerve transmission in the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. This dys-function, dis-harmony, or imbalance at the energy level of the chakras, therefore, causes various states of dis-ease in the nervous system of the body. Then further pathological results exhibit in the physiological systems and the parts of the endocrine system affected by each of the chakras.

Thus, balance and harmony are essential on the etheric level � on the higher frequency levels of energy in order to maintain optimal functioning and optimal health on the denser physical level.

Balance at the level of the chakras and the acupuncture meridians of the energy body and the etheric body translates into optimal health in the physical body.

Imbalance at the etheric or energy level translates into various states of disease in the human body.


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