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The Universal Energy Field:

Today, quantum physicists lead the way in bringing back together the fields of science and religion. This is an outgrowth of their work with identifying the “God particle”. New theories and paradigms in science like the “string theory” sound more like the thoughts of philosophers and poets of old.

The universe is now recognized as a living entity of immeasurable intelligence, size, and power. Recent reports in November 2006 (article to be published in Feb 10 edition of Astrophysical Journal) from the Hubble telescope verify one of Einstein’s discarded theories of “dark energy” that continually pushes the blossoming of the evolving universal energy field.

We can call this vast energy field God, or more generically … the Universal Energy Field. The Universal Field is a vast, cosmic sea of endless possibilities and infinite wisdom … the Source of All … extending infinitely … beyond human measure. This Universal Field, Source of All, or God is the ultimate living being bringing forth and staying connected to every other living thing.

At the highest frequency of vibration each form of living matter is interconnected as our particles dance and spin apart. At the lowest frequencies we appear separate in the mass of our physical bodies.

The energy fields of humans, plants, animals, the earth, and the universe provide the interface that connects us all.


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