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The Earth Energy Field:

The earth�s natural electromagnetic field has a frequency measured as about 7.8 HZ or Hertz. This is the well known and documented Schumann Resonance measured daily in seismology laboratories.

There is much concern now among scientists about the damage caused by civilization�s pollution of the earth. There is also monitoring of the normally occurring changes in the universe.

When people meditate and calm their brain chatter, their brains emit alpha frequencies of 7 to 9 Hz. The human brain in a relaxed state then has the same frequency of vibration as the energy field of the earth.

When humans live close to nature, their energy fields are in synchrony with the energy field of the earth, so they experience more balance and better health.

Before the invention of electricity, people lived in harmony with the earth and her daily and seasonal cycles. Technology advances have added tremendous levels of electromagnetic energy millions of times higher than before � microwaves, x-rays, cell phones, television, radio frequencies, high tension wires, etc.

Dr. Robert Becker is a world renowned expert on electromagnetic fields (EMF). He said, �At the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth�s environment is the proliferation of EMF�s.�

In addition the energy field of the earth interacts with the energy fields of other planets and constellations. Those changes then reflect on the energy fields of living bodies including humans.
The energy fields then as the interface connect all living matter � humans, plant, animal, and the earth.


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