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The Human Energy Field:

We are essentially electromagnetic beings composed of tiny particles of energy and information pulsating and spinning at a high rate of speed. At their highest frequency of vibration these particles are farthest apart. At their lower frequencies they come closer together manifesting in the density of the physical body.

Albert Einstein proved scientifically that energy becomes matter, and matter becomes energy according to the change in the frequency of vibration. Although this model is well accepted in science and physics, the Eiensteinian viewpoint has been slowly introduced into the western medical model to replace the Newtonian paradigm.

The human energy field or HEF is seen and recorded by Kirlian photography as varying layers of colored light around the physical body. These layers forming the aura pulsate according to the condition of the physical body.

For example, when a speaker is passionately explaining his topic, pale yellow light may be seen extending farther out from the body. Then as he calms his delivery, the yellow color may be seen closer to his body.

When a person is enjoying optimal health, her aura will be stronger and more constant. When a person is weak and dying, her aura � her energy body diminishes.

The human energy field forms the interface reacting with the physical cellular systems of the human physical body. When the energy field is in balance and harmony, the physical body experiences optimal health.

As the particles of one energy field pulsate and dance farther apart at a higher frequency, they intermingle with the particles of other people and other living matter including the earth itself. Thus, you may sense or feel a familiar presence in a crowded room even before you actually see your friend.

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