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�In the beginning was the word.� The Big Bang Theory. What do they each express? The vibration of sound � the primordial sound � the power of vibrations � the life force � the vital spark that shows that living entities are more than a simple collection of chemicals � all this and more.

In studies thousands of years ago the Hindu�s in India named these vibrations prana, while the Chinese called it ch�i and created their entire practice of medicine around this vibration of life. The Japanese call this power of vibration the ki.

The vibrations of the human energy field are now shown, measured, and photographed by modern scientific instruments to diagnose and treat disease states � witness the use of EKG�s, EMG�s, EEG�s, and X-rays.

In the laboratory scientists can use the SQUID or Superconducting Quantum Interface Device to detect the ultra-sensitive magnetic field surrounding the hands of a healer intent on sending healing energy to a recipient. Dr. John Zimmerman at the University of Colorado School of Medicine proved the magnetic nature of healing energy.

Experiments have been conducted in skeptical laboratories to demonstrate the measurable effects of healing energy on living plants. Bernard Grad added energy to one batch of water with magnets. Energy was added to another batch of water by a healer. Both batches of water were used to feed separate plants. Both showed a measurable acceleration of growth in the target plants.

Everyone is familiar with Einstein�s equation of relativity: energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. To the chagrin of this world famous physicist, his work was the basis for producing the atomic bomb that killed so many people in the WWII. Scientists accomplished this by increasing the frequency of vibration of particles. Einstein was interested in studying the power of the life force and the God particle rather than the production of weapons of mass destruction.

Einstein suggested that matter and energy are interconnected and inter-convertible. Energy is indestructible. Energy slowed down becomes mass or matter. Matter or mass speeded up becomes energy.

The Einstein-Lorentz Transformation equation is a more multidimensional model introducing the effect of velocity. The Tiller-Einstein Model of positive-negative space/time (Dr. William Tiller at Stanford University) attempts to better describe the multi-dimensional nature of the universe, the earth, and all life forms in relation to the power of the vibrations of the particles of the life force � the energy fields.

Modern mathematicians like Charles Muses recognize the square root of negative numbers to be hyper-numbers necessary to develop equations to describe the behavior of particles with higher vibrations. This enables scientists to study and describe the more subtle energies of the mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of the human energy field � energies long recognized, studied, and treated by the ancients.

Science now recognizes and proves the value of the power of vibrations to calm, nurture, and heal living entities. The ancients have always used sound vibrations in the form of instrumental or vocal music, chanting, toning etc. to provide calming, nurturing, or healing energies. Common examples are the use of bells, chimes, and Tibetan crystal bowls.

For thousands of years minerals, gems, and crystals have been worn or placed in jars of water in the sun to make healing solutions. Now the power of those positive vibrations can be measured and quantified.

At the other end of the spectrum, be aware of the power of the vibrations that cause damage to living entities such as the rays from computers, cell phones, high tension wires, microwaves, T-V�s, etc. Although this technology is beneficial to modern culture the negative power of those waves of vibration causes states of disharmony and imbalance of normal energy fields. Chronic exposure leads to various states of disease.

From the positive to the negative � from the beneficial to the destructive �from the soothing sound of a mother�s lullaby to the explosion of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima � the power of vibrations is displayed in a broad spectrum.

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