Body: The Intelligence of the Body in Renewing Itself Daily
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You Are The Miracle … Body, Mind, and Spirit!

Actually there is no separation. Body-mind-spirit exists as a continuum constantly flowing from one to the other … in constant connection. Formal education has taught us to think of body, mind, and spirit as being separate and distinct.

The reductionist model of the human body as a machine … the sum of its component parts has led to the paradigm that considers the human body as a closed system. This paradigm of separation is an illusion. For the moment we will speak of each separately while remembering that the three are indeed connected so that one is constantly affecting the other.

Body: The Intelligence of the Body in Renewing Itself Daily

The physical body is a wondrous creation of infinite power and innate wisdom. With the union of sperm and ovum in the womb of woman, the fetus begins to differentiate into all manner of cells necessary to build the complicated tissues, organs, and systems of the physical human body.

Within that physical body lies the infinite wisdom to create new cells to replace dying cells, to maintain itself, to defend itself, and to repair itself.

Within your body there is on call 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week both a physician and a pharmacist. The physician determines the need and prescribes the cure. The pharmacist fills the prescription and delivers the needed substances in the right amount … to the right place … at the right time.

Your body is capable of creating all the medicines it needs to enjoy optimal health. This takes place without your notice, direction, or knowledge most of the time. Your body functions automatically working toward achieving and maintaining optimal health unless we deprive it of good natural foods, plenty of good drinking water, pure air to breathe, exercise, and a harmonious environment.

There are thousands of complicated operations working in our bodies every moment of our lives. We have 70 trillion cells each containing 10,000 more molecules than the Milky Way has stars … all working in harmony with each other.

Like the earth each physical body is 75% water the consistency of seawater. Our blood is essentially seawater in composition. Every cell of the physical body is a wondrous universe unto itself.

Like us each cell has power stations, transportation stations, a communication system, and is atypical with great variety of shape and function. Each cell is a microcosm of the macrocosm … a wonder unto itself!

Each cell holds within its nucleus the blueprint to create the whole. All of the DNA from your70 trillion cells would fit into a box the size of an ice cube. Unwound, that string could stretch to the sun and back 400 times!

The DNA in the nucleus of one human cell is a thread that measures 2 yards by 10 atoms … a billion times longer than it is wide. The nucleus of a cell is equivalent in volume to 2-millionths of a pinhead. Two yards of this DNA packs into the cell by coiling itself endlessly on itself.

If there were 100 thousand billion cells per human that would mean there would be 125 billion miles of DNA in your physical body. Your own DNA then if uncoiled could wrap around the earth 5 million times!

Francis Crick, won the Nobel prize as the co-discoverer of DNA. In his book Life Itself, Its Origin & Nature, Crick concluded that the organized complexity found at the cellular level cannot have arisen by chance.

In all living species, proteins are made up of the same 20 amino acids, small molecules. The average protein is made up of a long chain of 200 amino acids chosen from the 20 and arranged in the right order.

The DNA with its four letter alphabet A,G,C,T (or adenine, guanidine, cytosine, and thymine), and the proteins with their 20 letter alphabet of amino acids plus the translation mechanism between the two. The instructions for the building of proteins are coded in the language of the DNA. The DNA relies on the protein to rebuild the DNA using the data stored in the DNA itself! Every living cell whether animal, plant, or microbe contains a version of this mechanism.

The various tissues, organs, and systems of the body are miraculous. Let us consider perhaps the most impressive of all. Your heart is a fantastic pump that beats 100,000 times every 24 hours pumping 6,300 gallons of blood per day through 96,000 miles of blood vessels. 3 million red blood cells are created every second of the day to replenish this blood. Your heart beats tirelessly every moment of your life from your early days in your mother’s womb to the end of this lifetime. Can you even conceive of any of the very latest machinery that could ever match that power, consistency, and constancy? It’s mind boggling! Your physical body is a miracle.

Truly, your physical body is a wonder beyond comprehension even though medical science has managed to unravel and delineate some of its mysteries. There is an infinite wisdom that directs and drives the physical body. There is a further connection with an even greater wisdom that initiates and provides order to all of life on earth and beyond. You … body, mind, spirit … are the miracle!

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