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The gift of a chronic disease encouraged me to seek natural ways to elevate my immune system and improve my well being.  I knew about the value of keeping glutathione levels high, but I couldn�t find a way to effectively do that.

Then a friend of mine gave me a gift of capsules of a glutathione- accelerator formulated by Dr. Robert Keller ...   MaxGXL�.  In just a few days I felt a profound difference in my health on every level.  I felt greater clarity, mental focus, energy, joint range of motion without discomfort, greater endurance and stamina coupled with shorter recovery time after exercise.  I was thrilled and grateful, but things got even better.  My body feels younger.

What is glutathione? What is the special value of this glutathione- accelerator?  Where do you get it?  Why is a high glutathione level important?

Glutathione has been shown to slow the aging process, detoxify and improve liver function, strengthen the immune system, and increase energy production in the cells. It gives me energy, clarity, stamina, endurance, relieves discomfort, reduces range of motion restriction, and shortens recovery time after exercise or work.

Glutathione is a protein, a tripeptide that is manufactured by the cells of the body.  The glutathione level increases from birth to 20 and then starts to fall. A person of 70 may have � the glutathione he or she had at age 20.   That�s a drop of about 10% per decade of life.  Today scientists have found that the glutathione levels in children with autism for example are very low.  Also, the levels are low in seriously ill patients.  Environmental poisons add to the equation. 

Glutathione is the body's master antioxidant (with millions of free radicals) neutralizing free radicals, a powerful cell detoxifier (for mercury and heavy metals), a powerful anti-inflammatory, and an immune system booster.  Your cells make their own glutathione when they have the proper ingredients in the proper amounts.  The body breaks down glutathione capsules so they are ineffective. 

The glutathione sold in capsules is broken down in the digestive system into three different proteins � not glutathione.  Intravenous injections of a glutathione mixture seem to get some positive changes in some people.  In general injections are not very effective, are expensive ($125 to $140 each), and require one or two office visits a week.  What I was seeking was a way to give the body what it needs to make its own glutathione.  The cells of the body have the wisdom.  They just need the proper ingredients.  Dr. Keller was the special researcher who finally devised the formula that works.

About 10 years ago, Dr. Robert Keller, world renowned immunologist, hematologist, and oncologist created a formula for a glutathione-accelerator that delivers the ingredients into the cells of your body needed to create utilizable glutathione. 

Although, Dr. Keller�s formulation MaxGXL� is not a drug, he got a composition patent on the product which he then used for ten years on his most severely challenged patients to improve their quality of life.  He has done double blind scientific studies on this product and continues to do so.  Now he continues his research for a product to fight AID�S in Africa � another of his passions,

MaxGXL�s� Patented Formula dramatically increases intercellular glutathione.  MaxGXL� provides the proper nutrients needed to promote the body�s own ability to manufacture and absorb glutathione.  MaxGXL� also aids in liver support by destroying environmental toxins, thus helping the liver to function as the main production site and storehouse for glutathione.

As a scientist, I am impressed with the literature and scientific documentation on this tripeptide, its integral importance to the proper functioning of the physical body, and with the efficacy and effectiveness of the MaxGXL� product. 

As a seeker, I am impressed with the integrity and altruistic mission of this company which was created a year ago to distribute this product that I have so long sought to help me help my body not just to heal, but now to rejuvenate.

Scientists say that after taking MaxGXL� for a year or so, a 70 year old can expect to double his or her glutathione level.  I�m 76 years old and have been taking this MaxGXL� for almost 3 months.  If I could feel such a drastic improvement in my own well being in just a month, how delighted will I feel with my improvements in a year?  How much better can it get?

Remember that your body is a miracle.  It has the power and wisdom to heal itself and to maintain good health � not just the absence of disease symptoms, but the joy of living each moment fully with greater awareness.  Remember to thank your body daily for all it does so well day to day without your help or intervention.  When it needs your help, you have the power to change your lifestyle in order to support your physical body in healing itself.  You have the power of choice.  You choose your attitude, your attitude colors your perspective, and your perspective creates your reality.  As always, I wish you well in all you do, but I remind you also to take time to simply be.

This editorial has not been written or reviewed by Max International.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended for use in the treatment of disease.  I write from my personal experience. Rev. Gloria Alvino

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