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Mind: What Is It? Where Is It?
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You Are The Miracle … Body, Mind, and Spirit!

Actually there is no separation. Body-mind-spirit exists as a continuum constantly flowing from one to the other … in constant connection. Formal education has taught us to think of body, mind, and spirit as being separate and distinct.

The reductionist model of the human body as a machine … the sum of its component parts has led to the paradigm that considers the human body as a closed system. This paradigm of separation is an illusion. For the moment we will speak of each separately while remembering that the three are indeed connected so that one is constantly affecting the other.

Mind: What Is It? Where Is It?

For many years the mind was thought to exist within the confines of the brain. Scientists theorized that all of the information that we gained and retained was stored in the brain within the mind.

Many of the ancients taught that the mind existed beyond the brain confined within the skull of the human body. Some taught that the mind was a field of energy and information that extended from the brain stem out beyond and about the head and the crown chakra. Some taught that the mind was centered closer to the heart chakra.

Quantum physicists have demonstrated that we are all connected to each other and to the universe in which we live. Thus, we are all part of the whole.

The Universal Field, the Supreme Field, the Source, or the God Field is connected to the human energy field. That Supreme Being or Field is Total Consciousness. The mind is the individual consciousness that connects the human energy field to the Supreme Field.

There is a difference of opinion as to whether the mind directs the brain by direct connection, or whether by entanglement. In his recent book, Entangled Mind, Dean Radin offers extensive reports on both old and new scientific research in this arena.

The mind stretches out through the physical body, and beyond the physical body gaining access to particles of energy and information dancing and spinning in the universe.

All of the energies of all of living matter exist at varying levels of frequency, so that some are denser, some faster, and some absolutely subtle and more difficult to measure.

The human mind is that energy of consciousness that connects the human energy field (HEF) to other HEF’s, and to the Universal Energy Field (UEF). As we mindfully increase our level of awareness and consciousness, we expand our minds.

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