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Spirit: Oneness with the Source and All Forms of Life
You Are The Miracle � Body, Mind, and Spirit!

Actually there is no separation. Body-mind-spirit exists as a continuum constantly flowing from one to the other � in constant connection. Formal education has taught us to think of body, mind, and spirit as being separate and distinct.

The reductionist model of the human body as a machine � the sum of its component parts has led to the paradigm that considers the human body as a closed system. This paradigm of separation is an illusion. For the moment we will speak of each separately while remembering that the three are indeed connected so that one is constantly affecting the other.

Spirit: Oneness with the Source and All Forms of Life

When I was a child, I was taught to think that I was a human being with a soul or spirit. Later, I knew that I was spirit experiencing life as a human being. As spirit then we are particles of the Great Spirit, the Universal Field, or the God Force. We are droplets of seawater, or waves in the cosmic sea of the Universal Field, Universal Mind, or as physicist, Gregg Braden, recently named it, �The Divine Matrix�.

The universal energy field is composed of a subtle energy that is more difficult to measure, but nonetheless measurable and definable with modern technology. Modern science has been reluctant to discuss this subtle energy that fills the so-called void between, simply because it was discussed so well be the ancients in all cultures and religions too.

Terminology has always been a challenge when trying to express the limitless power of the universe � the divine power of God. Let each person choose the words that best serve him or her at this time. The power and the truth remain the same.

The ancients expressed this truth in their oral history of the creation of the Universe, and in their stories of God. Now the quantum physicists agree with their latest scientific theories like that of Michio Kaku, the physicist, who postulated �the string theory� of connectedness.

For example, the Native Americans have always held this belief in honoring the earth and celebrating their oneness with all of life. According to the ancient Hopi legend of the Creation, Grandmother Spider spun the original web that would connect everything. The Buddhist teachings describe the god Indra�s great net that stretches out to hold all of life in every direction. The Gnostic Gospels refer to the emergence of the Mind of the Universe from the power of silence.

We are a small, but integral part of the whole that is the Great Spirit, the Universal Field, the Divine Mind, the Universal Intelligence, or the Universal Power. As such we have an eternal connection ever available and waiting.

The Essenes were the sect whose scribes recorded in Aramaic, in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the words of Jesus of Nazareth, and stories of God�s creation. According to new translations of these Aramaic words, we have the power and the connection to access the power and intelligence of the God Field or Divine Matrix when we �ask without hidden motive.� Thus, prayers that come forth from the heart and not the ego are most powerful.

As spirit then, we are each and all connected not simply to one another, but to all every life form in the universe, and to Source from which all life proceeds. We are part of the Whole � part of that Universal Field described by science, or that God Field described by religions. The language may differ, but the truth remains the same.

As spirit � we are expressions of that subtle energy that breathes life into every living thing � we are expressions of the supreme energy, or divine love that has no beginning and no ending � we are here to experience life as humans challenged by human emotions while expanding into our full potential here and now.

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