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Starting Each Day with Joy

When we awaken in the morning, we receive the gift of another day of precious life. Choose to start that day with heartfelt gratitude for this life. Pause to list everything you have to be thankful for. Stretch your arms and legs to feel the life force flowing through every cell of your body.

Think about it! Thank your body for all the wonderful things it does to keep you breathing, moving, seeing, hearing, exercising, dancing, and singing aloud.

You have the power of choice, so pause to focus your attention on all the blessings that fill your day … sometimes unnoticed, unacknowledged.

Pause there in bed to call to mind and give thanks for all the positives, all the blessings, and all the abundance that colors your life.

Give thanks for the loving people in your life, your family, your community, your church, your work place, your state, your country, and your world.

Choose the joy of feeling enthusiastic about the love and light that surrounds you and fills every cell of your body. Say it aloud, “I choose joy. I choose to seek the joy in my life this day.”

We have the power of choice. We choose our attitude, our attitude colors our perspective, and our perspective creates our reality.

Have you ever noticed that once you see a particular type of car while driving along the highway, you suddenly see many more of the same? Where did they come from? Did that one model and color sell a lot more in the past few minutes … or were they always there waiting to be seen?

Making a choice to start and end each day by giving thanks for all of the positives we have noticed in our lives helps us to feel the joy bubbling up to fill our hearts.

You owe it to yourself to choose joy. Do it mindfully for 30 days … one month …morning and night. Starting and closing your day with a litany of every song, smile, hug, laugh, and act of kindness … everything that made you feel good … will insure that you notice and expand the joy in every day of your life even unto the end. You have the power to choose joy. Try it! You’ll love it!


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