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Turning a Negative Thought into a Positive Thought
Loving Yourself in Order to Love Others
Take Back Your Power & Stop Being a Victim
Practical Applications & Possible Solutions:

Take Back Your Power,
and Stop Being a Victim

You have the power within to change your attitude, your life, and your reality. That intrinsic power is part of your connection to your Self, your Source or God, and every other living entity.

We really are not meant to be victims, although the media and many institutions in our culture promulgate that paradigm.

Choose to take back your power by simply becoming aware of the many choices you make moment to moment. You have the power of choice.

Choose positive while rejecting negative. Positive attracts positive, while negative attracts negative. Choose your attitude, your thoughts, and your actions. Focus your intention to use that power with ever greater care.

Picture your life as you wish to experience it. Add another dimension by feeling how that would feel � add the dimension of emotion to fuel the energy of that visualization.

Take control of your life with appreciation, gratitude, and love. Pray as though everything depends on God, while working as though everything depends on you.

You have the power and the right to take back control of your life by choosing with attention and intention. Then, you will never again feel like the victim of circumstance.

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